Welcome to Penn State

Penn State hosts many visitors. Some come to campus as potential students with their families, some are vendors or guests on campus for meetings, some are Alumni coming back to campus to see how things have changed. As a visitor to our campus, you may access wireless Internet service from your personal computer at any participating Visitor Wireless location.

To get started using Visitor Wireless:

1. Verify that you are in a Visitor Wireless service area and check your wireless network signal for the Visitor Wireless network named attwifi

2. Connect to attwifi by configuring your wireless network settings to access attwifi.

3. Open your Web browser to automatically launch the AT&T Wi-Fi web screen.

4. Purchasing Options: you will be given two options that best suit your needs:

Need Help?

Call 1.888.888.7520 for AT&T Wifi support.

Visitor Wireless Prepaid Coupons

Prepaid CouponIn addition to using a credit card and/or purchasing direct access from our Visitor Wireless vendor, Prepaid Codes for Visitor Wireless service are available for campus, college, and departments to order at no cost. For more information visit https://software.psu.edu/penn-state-pp-wireless-code-7415.html Prepaid Coupons obtained elsewhere (e.g. McDonalds) will NOT work on the University's Visitor Wireless network.

Visitor Wireless for Departments

Campuses, Colleges, and Departments may request and create Visitor Wireless networking areas in their buildings.