Welcome visitors and neighbors!

As a visitor to our campus, you may access free AT&T wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) service from your personal computer or other wireless enabled device at any participating visitor wireless location.

Connecting to AT&T Visitor Wireless

Campus visitors wishing to access free AT&T Visitor Wireless service should follow these simple steps:

  • Verify that you are in a wireless service area by checking your wireless signal for the network named "attwifi."
  • Connect to "attwifi" by configuring your wireless network settings to access "attwifi."
  • Launch a web browser and attempt to connect to any website.
  • Click "Get Connected" to agree to Terms of Service on the AT&T Wi-Fi connection page.
  • You're now connected to the Internet.

Need HELP?

Call 1-888-888-7520 or email support@attwifi.com for AT&T Wi-Fi support.