Wireless indicator sign

ITS invites colleges and departments to download and post wireless indicator signs

You can check online to find a convenient wireless location.

If you have trouble getting a wireless connection, the IT Service Desk can assist.

Connecting to Penn State Wireless

The "psu" wireless network is easy to use and only requires a one-time setup. To download connection software and go through a step-by-step setup, visit http://wireless.psu.edu/setup.

Wireless "psu" network:

1. What Do I Need?

The Penn State Wireless service incorporates recent 802.1X wireless authentication and encryption methods that are aimed at enabling an improved level of security and improved performance.

2. Unplug and Fire Up a Connection!

It's easy to get connected to the Penn State Wireless "psu" network. All you have to do is:

Visitor Wireless

Visitors to our campus may access wireless Internet service from their personal computer at any participating Visitor Wireless location.