Making Wireless More Secure—Encryption and Accountability

Data security is of primary importance. With wireless technology anyone within range using the right equipment could eavesdrop and gain access to the wireless system and therefore, the wired network.

However, the Office of the Vice Provost for Information Technology (OVPIT) currently provides the Penn State community with a trusted computing environment.

The Penn State Wireless 2.0 service incorporates recent 802.1X wireless authentication and encryption methods that are aimed at enabling an improved level of security and improved performance. It is a secure network connection that uses encryption and other security mechanisms to ensure that only authorized users download and configure the Penn State Wireless 2.0 client. Once downloaded, just open a laptop and look for the "psu" network.

The service permits you to access Penn State resources.

With this authentication solution and user accountability, Penn State Wireless users can feel confident that the Penn State wireless network is secure and data transfers are safe. However, both the sending and receiving computers must have appropriate security safeguards.